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por Constanza Subijana

Constanza Subijana aplica un nuevo concepto de Venta Inmobiliaria.

Constanza Subijana

Licenciada en Derecho y con un  MBA por el Instituto de Empresa inicia su andadura profesional en el mundo de la Banca.

Tras varios años dedicada al mundo financiero cambia su residencia a Irlanda, país donde las técnicas de venta del Home Staging están ya consolidadas, así que decide dar un nuevo rumbo a su carrera profesional, dedicándose por entero a esta actividad.

Después de adquirir la formación necesaria, funda HS Decor y comienza a colaborar con agencias y con propietarios de viviendas en alquiler y venta adquiriendo experiencia en el sector.

Tras volver a España de nuevo, continua su labor como Stager.

Es una de las socias fundadoras de la Asociación de Home Staging de España, creada en 2013. 



¿What is Home Staging?

Home Staging is the act of preparing a private residence for sale, to make it more attractive to the greatest number of potential clients. Within the first 90 seconds of the visit to the dwelling, the potential buyer will already have decided ​​whether they are still interested in the place or not, which makes achieving a favorable first impression of the property critical.

We are speaking of a new concept of Real Estate Sales. Something that had not been applied in Spain until recently, although it is beginning to spread now.


Imagen de Home Staging


Buyers / investors take 90 seconds to decide whether they like the property or not - the first impression is the one that counts!

275% of homes for sale in the United States go through the filter of a stager before being offered for sale.

3Your house will be sold much earlier, which means more money and less headaches and stress. A survey by a US national association found that the longer a property stays on the market, the lower it falls on the price list. The homes that were sold in the first 4 weeks exceeded 1% the average of their initial price; from 4 to 12 weeks on the market, they lowered in price around 5% their initial price; from 13 to 24 weeks on the market, they dropped by 6.4% in price; and being on the market for about 24 weeks caused their price to drop by around 10%.

Empaquetando cosas de la casa

4The amount invested in staging a dwelling will always be lower than the price drop of the property!!

5A 2007 Home Gain survey of 2000 real estate agents found that staging gives a 343% return on investment on average!

6Many sellers are not able to see your house objectively. Hire a Home Staging professional to get the most out of your home in an objective manner.

7Showing good photos of the dwelling will make you stand out among all the competitors. According to several studies, around 85% of buyers make their first selection of housing online before deciding to visit the place. Give buyers a good reason to drive all the way to your home by showing a good selection of rooms properly presented that will make your offer stand out among competitors!!

8Only 10% of buyers can visualize the potentials of a home. That is why Home Staging is critical!! You certainly do not want the advantages of your home to be overlooked in the buyer's imagination. Must be served on a tray!

Pareja preparando la casa para el Home Staging

9Presenting your home "as is" will only help the competitors to sell. At the moment, the number of homes on the real estate market is at its maximum. Competition is tough and buyers have very high expectations as well as many other options than your home. Successful real estate agents know that the key to competition is to perform a professional staging because it provides competitive online presentations, invites the buyer to the place and makes a buyer of the prospective buyer.

10Any property can benefit from some staging, regardless of its size, state or price.


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